A FREE Sexy Scribblers Story: Scandalous (a paranormal romance short)

I'm super thrilled to be part of the Sexy Scribbler, a group of 14 authors. We take turns to write different parts of free short stories to share with readers, and today the first episode of the first story went live! WooHoo! Lol, it just happens to be a paranormal so I'm extra happy...enjoy!


Episode 1 by Chanta Rand

He smelled bacon.
He mentally struggled with whether to get up and eat or to lay comatose.
Comatose felt good.
Eating would mean dealing with his cotton-dry mouth and the insistent pounding at his hotel door.
He rolled over in his king-sized bed and cracked an eye open. His gaze landed on a plate stacked with strips of bacon, and a mountain of scrambled eggs slathered in Tabasco sauce—just the way he liked them.
He’d eaten the same breakfast ever since he’d bought this hotel years ago. Everything was as it should be, except for the idiot at his door. Who had the balls to disturb him after a night of…hell, what had he been doing last night?
His mind barreled through his memory bank until he remembered. Oh yeah, he’d gotten shitfaced with his cousin, Willard and his brother, Bubba. He could hold his liquor better than the average man, but last night he had a good reason for getting tanked.
Grumbling, he tossed his sheets aside and slid out of the bed stark naked. He yanked on a pair of jeans he found discarded on the carpet in the bedroom of his suite. He hobbled barefoot to the front room, but he pulled up short when he saw a buxom blonde sit up on the couch and wipe the sleep from her eyes. The words, Big Tits Ain’t a Crime stretched across the front of her tight t-shirt.
Incredulous, he rasped, “What the hell are you doing here, Anita?”
She yawned. “Hope you don’t mind, Reed. I crashed on your couch. But don’t worry. You and me didn’t do nuthin’. You was too drunk.”
Thank God! Sex was so much better when he had the memories to rewind.
“I don’t have to be at work for a few hours,” she added, a flicker of hope dancing across her cherub face. “I got time for a quickie.”
Anita was a maid at his hotel. In addition to her irritating habit of using her key to get into his room, she was also engaged to Willard. Reed enjoyed a good fuck, but not at the expense of someone’s fiancĂ©.
“Some other time,” he lied as he walked with a slight limp toward the door. The hangover was temporary. The limp wasn’t. Most everybody in town knew how he’d sustained his injury. Women thought the cane he used was sexy. There was no accounting for female reasoning. His family had run this town for three generations. Power was one hell of an aphrodisiac.
He hoped Willard wasn’t on the other side of that door with a a pair of steel knuckles. Of course, it could be the police, too. He’d been known to raise hell during a night of drinking. But, he didn’t take the cops seriously. He’d gone to middle school with half of ‘em and played varsity football with the other half.
When he opened the door, he stared into the face of a strange woman. She was graced with high cheekbones, a mane of raven hair, and a long, slender neck he would love to sink his teeth into. Her stunning sable skin was marred only by the tight scowl she gave him. It was obvious she had a bone to pick. Adam had already sacrificed a rib for men everywhere. Reed would be damned if he let this beauty take one of his.

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Special Authors After Dark 2015 Deal For Readers

AUGUST 12-16, 2015 at the SHERATON ATLANTA

So I'm a featured author at Authors After Dark this year again and here's a special message I got from the coordinator:

Hello everyone!

After talking with about 30 readers this weekend via email, FB chats and messages, we have decided to offer a 2 day ticket for the 2015 year to attempt to allow readers that can’t make the FULL event, time to party with us and Hangout!
The 2 day ticket will be for FRIDAY and SATURDAY. It cost 175$ (plus taxes and fees through Eventbrite) and that price includes 2 Dinners (both balls this year have dinners), Friday’s Lunch, all the parties, panels and events both days AND the 4 hour access to the booksigning.
This ticket will go LIVE on MONDAY May 25th at 9am EST and will run till the 15th of June. This gives readers 20 days to get their days in order to attend, and we can’t WAIT to see them!
Also, rooms WILL be available for FRIDAY and Saturday (though we suggest that readers come in THURSDAY night in order to not miss any of the panels or parties on Friday). Any reader coming in THURSDAY night will be able to participate in the BOOKIES and any evening events authors set up (Info on that forthcoming on the Reader group on FB).
Some information:
We cannot guarantee full welcome bags to anyone coming in just Friday and Saturday. This is because Authors send promo for this based on Numbers we have by June 1st in order to make sure they get their promo in on time.
Room reservations are recommended as the parties and balls run long, are costumed events for the most part, and the after hours events are ONLY able to be accessed if you have room keys. Room reservations are double occupancy, and we have the entire North Tower of the hotel, (meaning 60% of attendees will get balconies!) Once you register Room links are in your conformation emails.
These tickets are LIMITED to 150 ONLY.
All Attendees staying at the hotel will also be entered to win some serious prizes and be invited to impromptu events, parties and special room gigs. You never know who is going to just open up an event in Hospitality with free books and giveaways!
*** All Readers that have bought and WILL BE buying the FULL ticket will get some AMAZING welcome bags filled with premium swag, books (print and e BOOK) And will have EARLY access to the ball seating and extra entries in the welcome event prizes***