Reading Shield of Winter & Sharing Favorite Quotes

What are you reading this weekend? I'm enjoying Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh

Here are some of my favorite bits from it:

"We created heartbreaking art once, discovered star systems and new species of butterflies with equal joy. We were explorers and musicians and writers of great works. Now . . . how did the Psy become such a ruin?"

Kaleb knew the answer wasn't as simple as Silence, and yet Silence was the core. "We attempted to become a race without flaws." (pg. 18)

"I don't know if it all balances out in the end, but I know I have done all I could. It's the only thing a man can do." (pg. 294)

"We all have to live with our past, but it doesn't have to define us." (pg. 369)

Shiny Indie Recognition and Honor

Look at the beauty that came in my email...a nice gold Indie Romance Convention Book Award nominee logo *SQUEE!*

Why? Well, hee, here's the good news: WILDFIRE has been nominated for Best Fantasy Romance by a reader. I don't know who it was, but I sure do appreciate him/her for thinking of my story and honoring me. Totally tickled!

Now the nominees are being voted on and I'd love to have your vote (unless you find another on the list that you love) and there are many lists. So go check it out and have some bookish fun at the IRC Book Polls!