A quote on creativity and living to start off 2017

"The beautiful thing about the soul is that it's not the ego, not the personality, and not the mind.  It places no judgments, it is free from expectations. 
The nature of the soul is innocent, childlike. 
The essence of the soul is loving, its essence is joy. Sometimes it is the one unfading note of joy in an entire life symphony of suffering and pain. 
And the soul is active, dynamic. 
Its task is to gain experience of itself, the created world and universe, and the divine. 
The soul's energy--in its human form--is creative energy; its drawn to activities that are creative, especially those that mirror the soul itself as poetry writing (or story telling, imho) does. 
And the soul's goal is to return home--whatever you imagine that to mean--as an experienced being." ~ 

Sandford Lyne
Writing poetry from the inside out