Where on earth is Mina Khan?

Sorry, dear readers, for my long absence from the blogs, and cyberspace. But traveling to far destinations on an emotional and adventurous trip has a tendency to swallow one. However, I'm back! 

Kinda. Well, I'm back from Bangladesh, but on my way to Denver, Colorado.

I'm attending the 30th annual Colorado Gold Conference and indulging in a much needed writing retreat. Good news: I'm taking along my laptop and my growing WIP. Yes, there's another djinn story coming soon....


I've also been on the radio! 

Casey Ryan, graciously hosted me on his show The Cutting Room Floor on Talkshoe. We discussed genies,  women, sex, writing, pseudonyms, sex...it was a fun conversation. I'm glad to say I didn't sound like Minnie Mouse (yes, I was having nightmares about that) and I survived my first podcast...thanks to Casey being a great host. 

To hear the entire podcast, check out this link.

My debut novella, The Djinn's Dilemma, won the novella category of the 2012 Romance Through The Ages. Woohoo! Oh yeah, I've been snoopy dancing. ; D

Last, but not least, A Tale of Two Djinns got a LOL hilarious review on Amazon. Warning: set down all drinks before attempting to read  the review, titled Romeo & Djinniet. Enjoy!