Are You A Dragonista?

Are you a dragonista? I am. I love dragons in stories, in art, in movies and, of course, in my dreams. So when a group of dragon writers decided to team up for a Dragonista Blog Hop this month...well, I had to jump aboard. How fun!!!

So why do I love dragons? For so many reasons. Fierce and mysterious, ancient and timeless, these gorgeous creatures inspire my imagination.

If you are a dragonista too, rest assured you're in good company...Veronica Mars is one too...Check out this Veronica Mars Confession video!

Also watch the Dragonista Facebook Page for all kinds of dragon fun and chatter. At the end of the month, we'll be announcing the winners of the blog hop, giving away a grand prize & just partying till the dragons come home! 

My favorite dragon series is G.A. Aiken's Dragon Kin series -- the dragons are fierce, sexy and,oh so funny. The heroine or hero counterparts are clever and loyal, they definitely deserve their dragons. And the stories are pure fun!

G.A. Aiken Dragon Bundle: The Dragon Who Loved Me, What a Dragon Should Know, Last Dragon Standing & How to Drive a Dragon Crazy

Of course, my dragon love has bled into my writing and, dragon oh dragon, I had a blast writing my most recent release Wildfire: A Paranormal Mystery with Cowboys and Dragons

My Japanese American dragon shifter is hunting a rogue dragon setting fires in the wilds of West Texas. Of course, she ends up with a lot more than she bargains'll just have to read up on her adventures. :)

Here's a quote from Lynn, the heroine of Wildfire:

Now check out the cute little dragon I'm giving away...

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Also, be sure to hop through and meet all the rest of the Dragonista authors and enter to win prizes and books!

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Dear Readers,

Here's some good news for you:

So what do you get with Alphas Unleashed?
Alphas Unleashed is a collection of hot science fiction and paranormal romance novellas from Michele Callahan, Carolyn Jewel, S.E. Smith, and moi. You get 5 heroes, 5 romances and 4 story worlds.

If you've been wanting to try this anthology, but haven't is a great time to grab it!

Wishing you a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend! 



Reading Omens and Sharing Favorite Quotes

What are y'all reading at the moment? No matter what is going on in my life, I find time to read because that's my catnip. I'm enjoying Omens by Kelley Armstrong at the moment.

It all started because the word "omen" was haunting me (couldn't stop thinking about it), which led me to do a search on Amazon and I saw this book and added it to my wish list. Then I took a trip to my local library (my home away from home) and there was this book just waiting for me on a shelf. When the Universe sends me multiple messages about the same thing, I tend to listen. So I started reading Omens. So glad I did. It has the blend of mystery and supernatural that I love, a strong, smart female heroine and male hero who is interesting enough to keep me hooked. Delicious!

So here's my favorite quote from the book:

"I wouldn't call Gabriel Walsh if I was on fire." She pursed her lips. "No, I might. To sue everyone responsible--from the person who lit the match to those who made my clothes. But I'd wait until the fire was out. Otherwise, he'd just stand there until I was burned enough for a sizable settlement." (Pg. 120)

"The fact that I defended her explains exactly why I have no opinion. You want me to say I'm certain she's guilty so you can forget about her. I won't do that. Nor will I say she's innocent and raise false hopes. Whatever you decided Olivia, I'm not taking any responsibility for it." (pg. 155)

"First you buy me a Mocha. Then you let me help you hide a body. Now you take me to a biker clubhouse. Best. Day. Ever."

Happy Reading! :)

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Five Random Things About Me...

I'm attending a lot of conferences this year, including Authors After Dark later this week, and meeting a lot of new book peeps. But I think it's always more fun to go beyond the standard intro of "Hi! My name is X and I do Y..." So in the spirit making new book friends, here's five random facts about me...

1. I do Renaissance dancing with the Santa Angela Renaissance Guild. We get together and practice (and giggle) at lot, we dress up in awesome costumes,  and do public performances. We also educate people about historic dance forms.It's a lot of fun and involves a lot of giggling & dancing.

  (I'm the dark haired one with glasses in the front row)

2. I'm an animal lover and my 4-legged family includes: 3 cats and 3 dogs.

3. I have a signing dragon and she accompanies me to all my look for us!

4. My stories usually start when a vivid image pops into my head and haunts me. I just have to set the scene in my head down on paper and keep writing until the story is done.

5. Essentials for writing: Quiet, Nuts to snack on, coffee, and a cape. Yes, I wear a cape to write...not only does it make me feel like anything is possible, it also keeps me warm. No, I'm not posting a pic of me with my cape ;D 

See you at AAD or some of these other cons this year...

Authors After Dark 2014 in Charlotte, NC in August
Indie Romance Convention 2014 in Lebanon, TN in September
Kriti Literary Festival in Chicago in September
Readers and 'Ritas 2014 in Dallas, TX in November

If you're at any of these, come and say hi! :)

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