Characterization Tips I Learned From Capt. Jack Sparrow

Ahoy there mateys! Who doesn't know the lovable and zany Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? If you don't...make haste and remedy the situation! Make sure you have lots of popcorn to enjoy :) But first, read on....

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies have a lot to recommend them: dashing pirates, fun dialogue, exciting adventures, twists and turns galore and awesome visuals. However, it's the eccentric and unpredictable Jack Sparrow that makes them memorable and worth watching. Savvy?

Actor Johnny Depp makes the character come to life and be almost more real than our next door neighbor, and as writers we must do the same for our protagonists. So I took some lessons from Jack Sparrow and shared them on the FFnP blog.  And that's where you'll find me come visit me, me hearties! Arrr!

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