March Celebrations: Reader Slideshow for Education

Wow, it's March and that means my second novella, A TALE OF TWO DJINNS is celebrating it's one year birthday! Woot!


 This is the book of my heart, the one I dedicated to my parents and the one I pledged half of all proceeds to UNICEF's Schools for Asia program. With the help of my readers, I have donated $468.80 year-to-date. According to the UNICEF website, $250 provides “School-in-a-Box” kit containing basic education supplies for 80 children. Woohoo!

I have been fortunate that my parents valued education and always made that a priority. I’m thankful for my ability to read and to write. Words are an integral part of my identity.

However, I grew up in a part of the world where poverty and chauvinism often keeps education away from many, especially women. According to the UNICEF, 67 million children are currently not enrolled in school worldwide. Education makes a big difference not only in the life of the person educated, but also the family.
And sometimes the world.

 Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani teen, was shot by the Taliban because she promoted education for the girls. Malala has now become the youngest person ever to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Education made a difference in her life, and she's making a difference in the world.

 As a thank you to all my readers who helped me do my part and make a positive difference through education, I'd like to create a slideshow of readers with the book.


So pose with A Tale of Two Djinns and email it to 
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 "This definitely felt like a Romeo and Juliet concept with a twist, then add a paranormal and fantasy feel to it and you’re left with excitement." ~ Romance Novel Junkies, 4.5 stars

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