A Home in the Library

Growing up, the library was home to me. I mean, I was born into my parental home and I loved it, but the library was the first home my soul chose. I remember spending several recesses hiding out in the school library, lost in a book. On weekends, I would haunt the British Council Library in the community. Even today, rows and rows of books, colorful spines with a rainbow of titles, comfort me like nothing else can.

So imagine my joy to find both A Tale of Two Djinns and Wildfire on the shelves at my local library. I SQUEED! Yes, I know it's the library, but I couldn't help it. :)

Here's a picture:

Happy dancing in West Texas!

Libraries bring readers, young and old, to new worlds and possibilities. They fuel the imagination and let you get your hands on books, precious books, even when you don't have a job or live on a limited budget. They are the best kind of entertainment and education.

So support your local library, go read a book!



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