Five Random Things About Me...

I'm attending a lot of conferences this year, including Authors After Dark later this week, and meeting a lot of new book peeps. But I think it's always more fun to go beyond the standard intro of "Hi! My name is X and I do Y..." So in the spirit making new book friends, here's five random facts about me...

1. I do Renaissance dancing with the Santa Angela Renaissance Guild. We get together and practice (and giggle) at lot, we dress up in awesome costumes,  and do public performances. We also educate people about historic dance forms.It's a lot of fun and involves a lot of giggling & dancing.

  (I'm the dark haired one with glasses in the front row)

2. I'm an animal lover and my 4-legged family includes: 3 cats and 3 dogs.

3. I have a signing dragon and she accompanies me to all my look for us!

4. My stories usually start when a vivid image pops into my head and haunts me. I just have to set the scene in my head down on paper and keep writing until the story is done.

5. Essentials for writing: Quiet, Nuts to snack on, coffee, and a cape. Yes, I wear a cape to write...not only does it make me feel like anything is possible, it also keeps me warm. No, I'm not posting a pic of me with my cape ;D 

See you at AAD or some of these other cons this year...

Authors After Dark 2014 in Charlotte, NC in August
Indie Romance Convention 2014 in Lebanon, TN in September
Kriti Literary Festival in Chicago in September
Readers and 'Ritas 2014 in Dallas, TX in November

If you're at any of these, come and say hi! :)

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  1. I listed "beachcomber" as my major until my junior year of college when my advisor said I had to declare a real major...and he wouldn't accept professional beachcomber. I still love to walk the beaches....

    1. Lol! I'd love to a "professional beachcomber" :) but "writer" is pretty awesome too!

  2. I now have a vivid picture of you in your cape with an Elizabethan ruff, hunched over the keyboard, cackling and typing furiously. :D

  3. ^^ i do imagine you with your cap and the little furballs clinging to it^^;;
    one think is sure we can see the loves your dogs have for you in their eyes^^ ( and you are really elegant in ancient dress)