5 Reasons to Gift Books #GiveABook

I love all things bookish and what recently wowed me is Penguin Random House's #GiveABook program. Here's the latest update they shared:

Dec 22 2014
Penguin Random House has expanded its GiveaBook program after exceeding its original goal of donating 25,000 to Save the Children in just three weeks. The publisher has now pledged to donate another 10,000 books for additional posts and tweets containing the #GiveaBook hashtag through December 24.

That's a lot of books! So in support of the #GiveABook program and to do my part to help spread the good work, I put together this post built around some of my favorite bookish pictures from this year. Also, I happen to believe books make excellent gifts and here's 5 reasons why...





(Thank you to everyone who made and shared these awesome book visuals! If you'd rather not be a part of this post, please let me know and I'll respect your wishes.)

Any book you give is a good book. However, if you need a suggestion...

A Tale of 2 Djinns holiday graphic


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