Ready For Halloween? Something Wicked Hop

I love Halloween! It's the most fun U.S. holiday ever and I embraced every bit of it -- from the chill in the air to the messy art of carving pumpkins. As a writer, I imagine myself as different characters I write about and this is one time of the year I can step outside of my writing room, actually dress up and "be" that character in public. What fun!

Also, nothing beats the deliciousness of reading a spooky story or watching a scary movie. Love, love, love the thrills and chills that make goosebumps dance over my skin. Hey, I'm the girl who spent her wedding night in a haunted there.

So yes, I'm ready for Halloween! I have already gone on a ghost tour at the historic Fort Concho under a full moon, with local paranormal investigators and volunteer re-enactors. Yes, it was a school night, but I figured the kids would enjoy it and it'd be educational. We all got to play with ghost hunting equipment. Hee, so much fun!

Here's a video for you:

Another treat for you:

If you're looking for a Halloween read? You can still pick up DARK SECRETS: A Paranormal Noir Anthology for 99 cents (price will be increasing to $2.99 on Nov. 1). However, if you're a KOBO reader, you can get even more of a price break -- they're running a fabulous sale (50% OFF) on a whole bunch books, including DARK SECRETS! Here are the details and promo codes:

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October 27th – October 30th
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I'm also participating in the Something Wicked Blog Hop with about 48 other authors and lots of reads and giveaways!  Only thing is, it's actually a Facebook hop.

You can find out about my giveaway on my FB Author Page, but you can also bunny hop through the Master List of participants...

~Master List  of participants found here:
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What are your Halloween plans? What ever you do, stay safe & have fun!


  1. My plans are to just hand out candy :)

    1. Love handing out candy....also seeing them jump at the motion-activated skeleton we have. :D