Books as Inspiration. What's on your keeper shelf?

Hi there! Check out the books on my Keeper Shelf...all the books I put there are dear friends.

We all have favorite books, the ones we read over and over again. Look closely at the picture and you'll notice many of the books have worn and weary spines...well, they've been with me a long time.

You will also notice a few shiny, new ones: I had to replace Naked In Death, because the original copy was held together by generous amounts of tape. Cynthia Eden is a relatively new discovery, but now she's on my Autobuy list. And Lifethread is a story close to my heart and the first published book written by my talented Critique Partner L.J. Charles.

Whatever the age of the book, they all have one thing in common -- they are keepers. I know these stories by heart, but I never grow bored. I know all the twists and turns, but they can still make me laugh and cry, my heart pound and my soul cheer. In other words, the stories are so good, they are timeless.

To find out what makes a good story(in my humble opinion), check out the post I did for my friend Rebecca Zanetti.


  1. Oooh, I love the Merry Gentry series! I'm on team Doyle and team Sholto!

  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm definitely team Frost and team Sholto. =D

  3. Okay. Teary, here. What lovely things you said, and I'm so honored to have authored one of keeper books on your shelf. I'll be adding yours to my keeper shelf very soon.

    Lucie j.

  4. So great of you to visit Lucie! Of course, your book is on my keeper shelf...the story is like a favorite niece :D

    So glad to know THE DJINN'S DILEMMA will be on your keeper shelf. Esp. since you helped make it the great story it is. Thank you!