Anyone dressing up as a djinn/genie for Halloween?

Happy Halloween! I'm all about djinns & genies right now...because tomorrow my debut paranormal romance, THE DJINN'S DILEMMA, is coming out. Thank you Harlequin Nocturne! So thrilled to be part of the new Cravings line :D And, I just turned in my second djinn story to my agent. Woot!

So, I thought I'd dress the DH & myself up as genies and looked up some costumes.

(These first two costumes are available at Fantasia Wear)

Erm, a bit too daring for me...though the DH was game. What can I say, the Joan Wilder character in Romancing the Stone comes pretty close to me -- bold on paper, but not always in day-to-day life.

Then I found some tasteful possibilities that I could go for:

(These next two costumes available from Mr. Costumes)

Then I saw the prices tags...and we decided to fall back on the tried & true. The DH is dressing up as Indiana Jones & I get to be buxom Earth Witch babe :)

Hope y'all have fun & festive plans for today :) So what's everyone else dressing up as?

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