Fun Halloween Surprizes!

Woot! Let me just tell y'all my new story DEAD is going places....

So, y'all know I love Halloween. The chills & thrills, the candy, the dark & dangerous...esp. in heroes. Well, one author I really enjoy reading is Cynthia Eden...and, man, can she write dark & dangerous hunks. Hot! Sizzling Hot! And she loves Halloween we are over at her blog today for...

a Fun Halloween Giveaway! We are talking ghost stories, handing out chocolate & other Halloween treats...yeah, why wait to celebrate, right? Come visit!

Cynthia's Awesome Blog

Dead was also memoirist Susan Blumberg-Kason's Book of the Week read. Woot! She wrote a very thoughtful  review and it includes cool words like "perfect," "chilling," "empowering," and "shtupping."

Check out Susan's very multicultural blog and the review!

Happy Almost Halloween!

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