Spooktacular Surprises for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it’s all about letting your imagination run free and frolic in the leaves.

The ordinary world is transformed. Ghoul and gravestones pop up in suburban yards. Scarecrows and carved pumpkins grin at you from pretty porches. There might even be witches on broomsticks and skeletons lurking by the mailbox.

Given that I write about djinns/genies, supernatural beings who can melt into shadows, fly (with or without magic carpets) and grant your most secret desires, I find October inspiring.

This year, I actually ended up writing a ghost story. No romance in it. Just a strange little haunting ghost story that captures an aspect of the immigrant story that is usually left undisclosed. 

Check out the cover:

It's available now at: Amazon

Interestingly, my creativity often comes out in my kitchen. So this year, the family and I came up with this baked, stuffed and very jovial Jack-O-Lantern. Doesn't he look spooktacularly handsome?

To read more about him (and the recipe in 7 easy steps!) check out my 

Also, The Djinn's Dilemma's book birthday is coming up! We'll be celebrating with special events and prizes throughout November. To make sure you don't miss the festivities, please check out the blog before the end of this month. Or fan my Facebook Author Page!

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