#SixSunday ~ A Kiss to Remember #DjinnsDilemma

Happy Six Sentence Sunday y'all! November happens to be the book birthday for my debut story, The Djinn's Dilemma, and I'm celebrating with an awesome birthday bash with all kinds of surPrizes (check it out here psst, there's a special Sherrilyn Kenyon package & more)! And I'm thrilled to share a special moment from The Djinn's Dilemma with you...

This is the story of a djinn/genie assassin, Rukh, falling for his human target, Texas journalist Sarah Jasmine White. When two human bad guys surprise her in an empty parking lot, Rukh ends up saving her. Sarah rewards him with an unexpected kiss. Then things get complicated. :D
"What a kiss. 
For a moment, all barriers between them melted and her mind lay open like a book waiting to be read. One look at her raw desire for him and all his other thoughts fled. She ceased to be Sarah and became Jasmine to him. He'd gawked, frozen like a virgin, and then almost lost himself in her. 
Damn, it had been too long, and it felt good....better than good."

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