A List of Happenings

Wow, so May took me by storm (literally) and had me in tears (good ones). So much happened that I'm still stunned, though exhilaration has crept in on soft cat paws. Yay! So let's catch up with all the news...

I'm participating in a paranormal romance anthology, Alphas Unleashed, with some awesome authors: Carolyn Jewel (I love her stories!), USA Today best selling author S.E. Smith, and my friend & RomCon darling Michele Callahan. SQUEE! I'm honored and thrilled to be working with all of them. Check out our fabulous cover (received in May):

Available: June 15!

I also found out Wildfire, the book of my heart, is a finalist in both the 2014 Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence and the 2014 Prism Contest. Wow, yes, this news made me cry and laugh. It has kept me happy dancing throughout the month. What a wonderful nod from my peers. And, wow, there are others who love my story as much as I do...SQUEE!

And then there was RT in New Orleans. About 3000 people attended the conference and then add in all other people who were at the hotel for different reasons...yup, you can imagine the crowd. It let me frazzled, dazed and confused for the most part. However, I did manage to meet up some awesome authors I have loved and admired and that was so much coolness!

(Met up with my mentor CJ Lyons! This was even more special because the first time I met her was in a Master Class that just happened to be in New Orleans....)

And I totally gushed and fan-girled over Marjorie M. Liu and Megan Hart, fortunately they handled me with grace and amusement. I also had a very nice breakfast with Rachel Caine, visited an oyster bar with Cathy Clamp, and hunted down oatmeal with L.J. Charles. I went on a ghost tour with Cynthia Eden, Katie Reus, Kaylea Cross and friends...yup, made lots of wonderful memories!

Then I returned home to tornado warnings, hail and, blessed, rain. After living with drought conditions for a long, long while, watching it dry out our lakes and turn much of West Texas brown, I'll take the hail and be thankful for the rain that filled our lakes and nourished our gardens.

While I'm grateful for all the wonderfulness of May, it's good to be back home and in my own space. Happy reading y'all!

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