Reading Shield of Winter & Sharing Favorite Quotes

What are you reading this weekend? I'm enjoying Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh

Here are some of my favorite bits from it:

"We created heartbreaking art once, discovered star systems and new species of butterflies with equal joy. We were explorers and musicians and writers of great works. Now . . . how did the Psy become such a ruin?"

Kaleb knew the answer wasn't as simple as Silence, and yet Silence was the core. "We attempted to become a race without flaws." (pg. 18)

"I don't know if it all balances out in the end, but I know I have done all I could. It's the only thing a man can do." (pg. 294)

"We all have to live with our past, but it doesn't have to define us." (pg. 369)

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