Saris, stories and sisterhood

I grew up in Bangladesh where wear women wore saris. Some simple, others heavy with sequins and gold thread embroidery. Saris of many colors and textures. To me the sari was a rite of passage, an elegant and mysterious symbol of womanhood. As I grew old enough to try and wrap myself in saris, I learned it could be challenge, a lesson, and a present. Saris, like stories can bring people together. Today I'm sharing my personal experience at Saris and Stories, a new group blog.

Saris and Stories brings together seven desi American women writers from all the U.S. We share our stories, our inspirations and, of course, our love for Bollywood. We laugh, we cry, we write.

Saris, like stories, have been bringing together people for ages. My personal story is about how saris keep my Mom and I tied together. Six yards of cloth with so much love and meaning.

Author Mina Khan's mother, grandmother and family
My Mom in a sari with her mother and siblings.

Author Mina Khan and her Mom
My Mom and Me :)

For our launch week, we are sharing our personal Sari stories and celebrating our heritage.Part of that is of course giveaways. So check out the posts, comment and keep your fingers crossed! Winners will be picked randomly at the end of launch week. So go visit Saris and Stories!



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