A Hot Kiss for a Hot Friday

 So I recently discovered the Book Boyfriends Cafe's Hot For Fridays blog hop, which sets new challenges every weeks. Sounds like something fun to try, so jumping on this one where participants have to share a hot kiss from one of their stories:

I'm sharing the first hot kiss between my hero Rukh O' Shay,  an assassin who falls for his target, and journalist Sarah White from The Djinn's Dilemma:

The original plan had been to fade again. Unfortunately, he’d come up with the harebrained idea of introducing himself. Touch, he’d theorized, would strengthen his link to Sarah and enable him to peek into her mind.

The handshake hadn’t worked.

Instead, she’d kissed him.

And what a kiss. For a moment, all barriers between them had melted and her mind lay open like a book waiting to be read. One look at her raw desire for him and all his other thoughts had fled. She’d ceased to be Sarah and become Jasmine to him. He’d gawked, frozen like a virgin, and then almost lost himself in her. Damn, it had been too long, and it had felt good. Better than good.

He should never have let that kiss happen.

Want to know more about Rukh & Sarah? Check out my book page http://minakhan.blogspot.com/p/books.html

To check out all the other participants this week, please visit: http://www.bookboyfriendscafe.com/


  1. Love the - The handshake hadn’t worked.

    Instead, she’d kissed him.

    Brilliant - catches the reader - makes them smile.