Hooked on Magic #MFRWHooks

Welcome to Book Hooks, a Wednesday blog hop offered by MFRW. 

This is my first time participating and I'm uber excited. Since I love stories with magic and paranormal fun (both as a reader and a writer), I decided to share a magical excerpt from my newest release, A Christmas Wish:

Rayez narrowed his eyes and threw all his power at her. Searing, roiling heat flashed through him to his fingertips and out. As it emerged the heat took shape and raced like entwined fiery snakes swimming through the air.

She paled even more but stood her ground. The flames whipped over Selene and around her, covering her head to toe. They licked every inch of her tiny frame. She stood there like a flaming human torch. One breath, two breaths, three and then the flames vanished, leaving her unharmed.

Rayez gawked. What the hell was she?

(Instead of having a cute meet, my hero Rayez and heroine Selene have a rather unhappy meet...)

Blurb: Rayez, a smoking hot chef and fire djinn in exile, lands himself in deep trouble when he tries to help a mysterious beautiful woman.

Selene is pursued and desperate. She’ll do anything to keep her brother safe—including capture a djinn.

While deception brings them together, dangerous enemies make them unlikely allies. Can one gigantic wrong lead to two rights and true love?

*Also included are some of the recipes Rayez made in the book.*

***All proceeds from the first two weeks of sales will be donated to the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank. ***

This is an enhanced and expanded version of a story previously published as Sealed With A Kiss in the Alphas Unleashed anthology. 

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  1. awesome visual - raced like entwined fiery snakes swimming through the air.

    1. TY for visiting & sharing! Glad you enjoyed the read :)

  2. Love it, great desecriptions :)