Fall Books I Am Dying to Read

Now that DARK SECRETS: A Paranormal Noir Anthology is out in the world, I can happily get lost in my TBR pile and indulge in some wonderful reading. Just in time too, because Oct. 1 is the release day for 

Beneath A Waning Moon
I'm dying to read this because I really enjoy the writing of both the authors, Elizabeth Hunter and Grace Draven, and the blurbs sound just the right mix of chills and sweetness:

In A VERY PROPER MONSTER, Josephine Shaw spends long nights filling the pages of her Gothic stories with the fantastic and the macabre, unaware that the suitor her father has arranged is one of the dark creatures she’s always dreamed. For Tom Dargin, courting an ailing spinster was only one duty in a long life of service to his sire. But after he meets the curious Miss Shaw, will Tom become the seducer or the seduced? Can a love fated to end in tragedy survive a looming grave? 

In GASLIGHT HADES, Nathaniel Gordon walks two worlds—that of the living and the dead. Barely human, he's earned the reputation of a Bonekeeper, the scourge of grave robbers. He believes his old life over, until one dreary burial he meets the woman he once loved and almost married. Lenore Kenward stands at her father’s grave, begging the protection of the mysterious guardian, not knowing he is her lost love. Resolved to keep his distance, Nathaniel is forced to abandon his plan and accompany Lenore on a journey into the mouth of Hell where sea meets sky, and the abominations that exist beyond its barrier wait to destroy them. 

And The Bollywood Bride released on the 29th also and is so on my TBR list.

 My Sari Sister Sonali Dev writes a wonderful mix of romance and women's fiction, East and West, the role of the individual along with an extensive family unit. I know this will make me laugh, cry and cheer.

Ria and Vikram spent childhood summers together, a world away from Ria's exclusive boarding school in Mumbai. Their friendship grew seamlessly into love--until Ria made a shattering decision. As far as Vikram is concerned, Ria sold her soul for Bollywood stardom and it's taken him years to rebuild his life. But beneath his pent-up anger, their bond remains unchanged. And now, among those who know her best, Ria may find the courage to face the secrets she's been guarding for everyone else's benefit--and a chance to stop acting and start living. 

A Taste of Heaven just looks delicious. Yummy, right? 

It's a foodie romance between a 47-year-old widow and a 49-year-old Scottish chef and they meet on a reality cooking contest.

Food, older couple, a Scot, and romance...what's not to hook? Yup, I'm so looking forward to reading this!

A Tiger's Bride (A Lion's Pride) (Volume 4) Life often gets serious enough, that I adore books that make me laugh out loud. I enjoy Eve's stories for the humor and sexiness, but her Kitty Kats have definitely got their claws in me. Besides, I just finished reading the previous book in the series, and Dimitri, the Russian tiger, is HOT. Rowwrrr!

When at first you don’t succeed—turn to abduction. 
It’s all in a day’s work when this Siberian tiger meets the woman he wants. 
An accidental kidnapping? Check. 
A forced marriage? Check. 
A virgin bride? Damn. There go his plans for seduction and here comes the pressure into making her first time perfect. Because everyone knows that's the one she'll remember, forever. Gulp. Add in a plane crash as well as hunters out to capture them and the heat is truly on. 

I recently lost a dear family member who was grappling with Alzheimers, so this last book hits close to my heart --

 Forget Me Not: Charity Anthology Supporting Alzheimers and Brain Health

10 artists auditioning for a shot at working with the Reed Brothers 
10 skins, each with a story to tell 
10 perfect tattoos so they'll never forget 
A little bit of healing 
A whole lot of heart 

An anthology of ten short stories by ten different authors who are donating 100% of the proceeds to benefit Alzheimer's and brain health. Join Tammy Falkner, Jane Charles, Ava Stone, Marquita Valentine, Lexi Eddings, Lj Charles, Andris Bear, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Caren Crane and Diane Franks to help combat this terrible disease. 

I'm a pretty eclectic reader and read across the board and in different genres. So here's a few more that snagged my attention:

Breaking Boundaries (SEAL Team Heartbreakers Book 5) (The only military romance series I read faithfully.)

Harvest Moon (Book 4 in one of my favorite shifters series)

Protect and Serve: Soldiers, SEALs and Cops: Contemporary Heroes from NY Times and USA Today and other bestselling authors  (Hawtness in Uniform...yum!)

And, in case you want to add DARK SECRETS to your reading list: Click Here for more info!

Happy Reading!


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