Psst! The Reviews For Dark Secrets Are Rolling In...

Eeep! The reviews have started rolling in...and I'm a nervous wreck. You see this anthology is my special baby. Some people like to create fantasy football teams, I like to dream up fantasy author collections. So DARK SECRETS brings together some of my auto-buy authors. I love their words and I hope all of you out there will love them too...I know, that's impossible because reading is so individual...but, it's my baby....

Anyhow, here are some reviews I'm thrilled about:

"At $.99 you would be a fool not to grab this one. Whether you love urban fantasy or PNR, you will find something to love in each story." ~ I SMELL SHEEP

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Then there's:

"Provocative, refreshing, melancholy and reminiscent of Grimm Fairy Tales. I thoroughly enjoyed all the stories. Usually in an anthology I read it for one author. I generally hope that I like that author's story. It's always iffy with anthologies because the more authors, the more chances one of the stories could disappoint and the overall rating drop. After reading this book, I'm still loving the authors who made me want to read this book. In addition, I've found new authors I must explore."

But my favorite part of this review is: "Who is this Mina Khan?"

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Release Date: September 29, 2015

But we do have it on preorder:


  1. You really created a very excellent anthology! i loved it and i do hope to read more of your djinns stories^^

    1. Thanks Miki! So glad you enjoyed the anthology. I hope you enjoy my djinn stories, meanwhile I'm working on more. :)